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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Race 2: Grid 3: Triumph TR3S (Barry Siddery-Smith / John Sykes) Update

Race 1 for the Triumph TR3S tribute of Barry Siddery-Smith and John Sykes didn't conclude ideally. Despite returning very fast and consistent lap times, the car failed to complete the session after running out of fuel. It was thought that the last fill up had been miscalculated, however it soon became apparent in Race 2 that the problem was more serious.

Barry Siddery Smith took the opening stint in Race 2, but lap times were noticeably slower, even despite the fact the some light rain had begun to fall around parts of the circuit.
After 3 laps Barry Siddery-Smith came in for the scheduled driver change and pitstop reporting that the car had become very difficult to control, with suspected fuel starvation making matters worse.
The problems were confirmed by another competitor who had come charging up the pit lane to inform the Penrite TR Team that the car was losing fuel, and lots of it!

John Sykes took over the car for a few laps but inevitably the car headed back to the paddock for work to begin on solving the fuel leak. The source of the leak at present time is unknown but seems to have affected the handling of the car so it looks likely that some of that fuel is finding its way onto the tyres. We'll update with further information after dawn.

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