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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Race day preparations

Today has given teams a chance to complete final preparations and adjustments before race start Saturday evening at 18:00.

The TR2 of Neil Fender and Guy Broad is still running with issues from a propshaft coming into contact with something on the underside of the car. Speaking to Neil Fender earlier today he said, "It's a problem that is annoying, we cannot seem to see anything out of place underneath the car but we will see how we get on during the first race session. Hopefully it won't get any worse."

There were a few pre-race niggles for the TRS of Neil Revington and Richard Bull as well, mainly electrical related neccesitating a starter motor to be changed and a few other connections renewed. It's suspected these failed due to a combination of the heat and vibration. All in all the car is running and sounding very well indeed.

The Triumph TR3S of Barry Siddery - Smith and John Sykes has had a fantastic run so far with no problems to report.

All teams have been supported of course by Penrite Oil who as sponsors would be keen to know that no oil changes have been required, all oil pressures are remaining high and constant and the oil is still clean and looking as good as new!

Below are some pictures from the TR paddocks from Saturday evening, moments before racing began:

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