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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Race 3 : Grid 2 Triumph TR2 battles with the epic rain!

The final race for the Triumph TR2 of Neil Fender and Guy Broad began behind the safety car and for good reason. Moments before the cars were due out on track and in the closing laps of the vintage grid before them, the heavens opened with torrential rain. Track conditions were transformed with deep puddles and standing water forming up on the bends at the Ford Chicane, Arnage and the Dunlop Esses.

Conditions were near impossible for the open top TR2 and it's two drivers but Neil Fender and Guy Broad guided the car home in what was to become a masterclass in car control and precision handling. While the larger Jaguars in this grid struggled with excessive power for the grip available, the little TR2 soldiered on finishing the Le Mans Classic 2014 33rd overall but taking the class win for GTS6.

A magnificent victory given the weather conditions they suffered and the broken halfshaft after the first session on Saturday evening.

Congratulations to both!

The conditions were all the more troublesome for the powerful Jaguar C - Types further up the field.

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