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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Race 1: Updates on all TR's

As reported in our last blog, the Triumph TR2 of Neil Fender and Guy Broad only managed 2 laps during race 1 in Grid 2. We thought that the issue had something to do with the suspected propshaft noise.

The propshaft noise in fact turned out to be a failed left rear hub, where several of the bolts had sheared.
Neil says, "I hit an odd camber in the road, the car just began to fish tail violently and I knew there was something not right, it was then just a case of limping back with rear wheel steering and getting the car back to the pits in one piece."

Phil Tucker, who's family business is one of the sponsors alongside Penrite in the TR campaign at Le Mans this year was on hand to assist.

"With Phil's help we have replaced the halfshaft on the car and will run as normal in Race 2 later tonight" Neil said.

Meanwhile in Race 1 for Grid 3, the Triumph TR3S driven by John Sykes and Barry Sidery Smith had a strong race, lapping consistently quickly as the session went on. The team nearly completed the stint in 29th position overall and 3rd in class, but the car stopped out on track near the end of the session after running out of fuel. They will return in Race 2.

Currently Grid 4 is out on track in which the Triumph TRS of Neil Revington and Richard Bull putting in an equally stout performance. Currently 10th in class and 37th overall they have just completed the latest round of pitstops and driver changes but the session has been slowed under safety car conditions. See the pictures below:

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