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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Time for sleep...

I hope you have enjoyed the updates on the Penrite TR teams efforts at Le Mans Classic 2014. It has been immense fun running around like a lunatic taking pictures and filming the event to share this unique atmosphere with you wherever you might be.

The Le Mans Classic has been a phenomenal event this year, not least because we have had a really determined team of Triumph TR's to cheer on and support. All the team have been hugely grateful for your support in reading, commenting on and sharing these updates.

Fear not though, it is not the end for the Le Mans Classic 2014 Live Blog. Over the coming days we will be publishing post race reactions from all those involved with the team, more pictures that we simply didn't have time to get across to you, confirmed final aggregate results, plus of course you can expect a full round-up of the event in its entirety in TR Action Magazine next month.

For now though, I have not slept or even seen my bed for over 36 hours so I shall be heading off for some rest. Covering this event has been manic and hectic at times and certainly full of drama and suspense. Most of all it has been tremendous fun to have been a part of this historic moment when a team of three Triumph TR's took on the Le Mans Classic.

Well done to all involved, to the drivers, assistants and to Penrite Oil as sponsors.

More to follow in due course, now where did I leave my beer......

Wayne Scott
Press Officer, TR Register.

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