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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Race 1 - Grid 2 / Grid 3 so far...

The first race featuring TRs was GRID 2 which got underway just after 6pm local time with a traditional "Le Mans Start" with drivers needing to run from the other side of the track, jump into the cars and set off.

The latest news on the timing screens is that Car 57, the Triumph TR2 of Neil Fender and Guy Broad completed only two laps of Race 1. It may be that the earlier issue with the proposhaft noise has caused them issues, we'll give you more details from the pits when we have them.

Currently on track is GRID 3 in which the Triumph TR3S of Barry - Sidery Smith and John Sykes is running strong,  consistently lapping faster as John Sykes confidence grows with the car last lap being 5:54:171 - which is nearly 6 seconds a lap faster than they were in qualifying!

GRID 2: Triumph TR2 Neil Fender / Guy Broad - 68th after 2 laps completed.

GRID 3: <still underway at 21:19 local time> Triumph TR3S Barry Siddery-Smith / John Sykes - 31st overall - 2nd in class!

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