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Friday, 4 July 2014

Qualifying Results - phenomenal positions for the TRs

Le Mans Classic 2014: Qualifying results

On the whole the weather conditions for the first sessions on the weekend were pretty favourable. A short sharp shower gave rise to some incidents and the ultimate red flagging of the Qualifying session for Grid 2 but apart from that all the other sessions passed without incident and with some very solid lap times.

So how did the Penrite Oils TR Team do? The results are in....


The Triumph TR2 of Neil Fender and Guy Broad had a very strong qualifying session and qualified the fastest of the Triumphs 22nd fastest overall and 4th in class:

Pos. 22 - Neil Fender / Guy Broad - Triumph TR2 (1954) Car No. 61 - fastest time of 6:01:021

Elsewhere in Grid 2 in was an all Jaguar line up at the top of the field:

POLE : Alex Buncombe - Jaguar C-Type (1952) Car No. 29 - fastest time of 4:57:162
Pos. 2:  C. Joy / G. Pickering - Jaguar D Type (1955) Car No. 4 - fastest time of 5:02:980
Pos. 3:  C. Monteverde / G. Pearson / A. Smith / J. Twyman - Jaguar D Type (1955) fastest time: 5:04:992


The Triumph TR3 of Barry Sidery-Smith, John Sykes, Richard Bull and Neil Revington qualified 8th in class and 45th overall, a phenomenal result that car owner Paul Hogan will be pleased with on his birthday today!

Pos. 45 - Sidery Smith/ Sykes / Bull / Revington - Triumph TR3S (1959) Car No. 57 - fastest time of 6:13:331

Elsewhere on Grid 3 it was Jaguar, Aston Martin and Lotus. The pole siting car driven by the well know Gary Pearson co-driving with motoring journalist from PistonHeads, Chris Harris.

POLE : G. Pearson / C.Harris - Jaguar D-Type (1955) Car No. 16 - fastest time of 4:53:925
Pos. 2:  T. Alexander / A. Willmott - Aston Martin DB4 (1960) Car No. 4 - fastest time of 5:02:555
Pos. 3:  M. Malone / R. Hall - Lotus 15 (1959) fastest time: 5:06:724


The final grid containing one of our Penrite TR's and it is the much revered Triumph TRS of Richard Bull, Neil Revington and John Sykes. This car looked truly spectacular out on track today and qualified in a strong position managing 55th overall and 6th in class.

Pos. 55 - Sykes / Bull / Revington - Triumph TRS (1961) Car No. 57 - fastest time of 5:52:673

Elsewhere on Grid 4, and since it was for 1960s sports cars it was quite rightly an all Ford top three:

POLE : D. Ferrao / M. Stretton - Ford GT40 (1965) Car No. 72 - fastest time of 4:37:446
Pos. 2:  C. Dumolin / C. Van Riet - Ford GT40 (1965) Car No. 68 - fastest time of 4:39:381
Pos. 3:  H. Hugenholtz - Ford GT40 (1965) Car No. 12 - fastest time: 4:39:661

All in all a fantastic start to the Penrite TR teams campaign at Le Mans Classic 2014. The cars will be out again tonight for night time practice before race start tomorrow evening.

Of course, all the updates will be on these pages and on the Twitter feed you see to the right hand side (not on mobile app versions).

Full qualifying results to download here:

Grid 2
Grid 3
Grid 4

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